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In person and written in-depth tax advice 

Sit down with our trusted tax adviser partners to get bespoke in-depth tax advice and strategies for you or your clients. 

How does it work?
  • Fill in your consultation form below
  • A money laundering check will be run
  • Your chosen tax consultant will contact you within 3 working days to arrange a meeting
  • The first hour is charged at the discounted rate of £200 + VAT
  • After the first hour a bespoke way forward will be agreed
What areas do they advise on?
  • New and growing businesses
  • Existing businesses
  • Inheritance tax, trusts and estates
  • HMRC enquiries and investigations
  • Exits and business disposals
  • Cross-border issues
What UK regions do you cover?
  • We’ve launched our service with the TACS Partnership in the North West of England
  • We will be launching more partnerships across the UK soon
  • If we don’t cover your area yet, try our phone consultation service for accountants

How the consultation works

At Tax Insider we’ve partnered with industry leading tax experts to give accountants and tax professionals access to face-to-face and written tax support at a discounted rate.

The first hour of your meeting is charged at only £200 + VAT.

Once this first hour has elapsed, if your tax query needs more time your adviser will agree a way forward with you, whether that’s a no obligation quote, agreeing an hourly rate or giving advice and parting ways.

Terms of business and next steps

If you have a complex tax query and need face-to-face advice, then our tax advisers will be able to help you.

To arrange a tax consultation please complete the form below. Once your consultation has been submitted, your chosen firm will contact you to arrange a time and location where it is convenient to discuss your tax query.


In person and written tax advice – North West England

The TACS Partnership offers a complete range of UK tax services and advice, providing services directly to taxpayers and also to professional advisers to support them in their delivery to their clients. Their team of highly qualified and respected tax advisers understand not only the technical issues which need to be addressed but also the wider commercial and personal impacts of the challenges to which we help find solutions.

The TACS Partnership work with clients to understand how any issue impacts on the whole of the business and the people involved, looking not just at any short term “fix” but at the longer term and wider impact of any possible way forward we suggest. Their competitive pricing structure allows us the time to build an in depth understanding of what makes our clients “tick”, allowing them to use our knowledge and extensive technical resources to find the right answers for each issue they face.

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Case studies

Read the below case studies to see examples of previous scenarios that our advisers have worked on.

Private residence relief success

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When HMRC came visiting…

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The TACS Partnership FAQs


  • When you submit a consultation form, you will be contacted by the firm’s partners Ian Roberts, David Blake and David Reynolds. Ian Roberts is a former Inspector of Taxes who has worked in practice for over 30 years. David Blake FCA CTA specialises in inheritance tax and trusts and has also worked in professional practice for over 30 years, working within a major international accountancy firm prior to joining TACS. David Reynolds FCA CTA specialises in corporate and capital gains tax and has a wealth of experience in owner managed businesses and high net worth individuals.

  • The TACS Partnership is dedicated to providing top quality professional advice at a realistic cost. Our experts are proud professionals who combine technical excellence and significant experience to deliver cost effective tailored solutions and advice.

    We will provide honest and open advice at all times. We always strive for the best outcome for clients and will go the extra mile to achieve this. We will be an honest friend when challenges have to be faced.

  • The TACS Partnership offers a range of services normally only found in the tax departments of large accounting firms, but we are able to deliver this expertise to clients in a cost-effective and supportive way.

    We build bespoke solutions to address client needs rather than selling “off the peg” answers which seldom fit well. We aim to provide a consultancy service which ensures that taxpayers and advisors are able to access a breadth and depth of tax expertise.

  • The TACS Partnership’s address is:
    The TACS Partnership LLP
    Graylaw House
    Mersey Square
    SK1 1AL

  • New and growing businesses - The TACS Partnership can work with tax advisors and their clients with new or young businesses to help them understand the many tax challenges ahead. We look to find the best solutions which are tailored to the needs of the business, its directors and owners. We work with the advisor to deliver the optimal tax outcomes for their client.

    Existing businesses - The TACS Partnership can help guide an adviser’s clients who own ‘mature’ businesses towards solutions which address both the changing needs of the business and the requirements of the owners and executives. Approaches may need to be adapted as the business and personal needs change. We plan to ensure that whatever is put in place is the right fit for the business as it matures, ensuring an optimal tax outcome.

    Inheritance tax, trusts and estates - The TACS Partnership can advise on strategy both during life and after death to mitigate the potential tax loss that could apply on passing down the family wealth. Working closely with lawyers where necessary, we can help develop planning which achieves the optimum tax outcome whilst respecting the wishes of the individuals concerned.

    HMRC enquiries and investigations - The TACS Partnership will work with the adviser to help any client faced with an enquiry, explaining how HMRC will approach the case, ensuring that HMRC plays by the rules and supporting the taxpayer through the financial and emotion turmoil such investigations can bring. As far as we can we will shoulder the burden of negotiation, aiming to get the adviser’s client through the investigation and out at the other side with the least possible financial damage.

    Growing businesses - The TACS Partnership will work with advisers and their clients with growing businesses to provide bespoke solutions to the issues encountered and to encourage the business owner to think ahead in planning how to manage their tax position. Guidance will be crafted to allow the focus to remain on the business, not allowing the tax issues to become the dominant concern.

    Exits and business disposals -  The TACS Partnership can guide the adviser’s client through the maze of tax issues faced when a business is sold or the ownership of a business changes. This is a time of real risk that wealth will be dissipated by unnecessary tax charges and timely advice can be crucial.

    Cross-border issues - The TACS Partnership will work alongside the adviser’s client to explain and plan the impact of the UK tax rules on people moving into and out of the country. We can help avoid any unexpected tax shocks and ensure that tax bills are anticipated and managed.