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Marketing tip #9 – Optimise your landing pages

Book with PPC written in ink

3 minute read.

It is pointless spending money on a PPC campaign if your landing pages are not optimised. Well optimised landing pages lead to better conversions from your clicks. Optimising pages also improved your Quality Score if you use Google ads, so your ad spend will be lower.

Landing pages need a headline that’s strong as well as relevant to your target keyword. If someone clicks on your ad, it’s important that the landing page gives them the information they seek.

Write compelling copy. You want the reader to stick around, not click away. Make it clear what you’re offering the reader, and make sure this offer is consistent with your ad text. Landing pages need a strong call to action (CTA). This could be something like ‘Sign up for our newsletter’ or ‘Call us if
you need help with MTD’. A landing page must look professional and in keeping with your brand.

Action: Don’t run a PPC campaign until you have optimised your landing page

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