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Using LinkedIn to market accounting firms

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LinkedIn is perfect for business to business marketing so is ideal to use in marketing for accountants. Use LinkedIn to market your services, establish brand awareness, and build new partnerships. This blog post explains some quick tips you can use to make the most of LinkedIn for your tax and accountancy firm.

LinkedIn tips for accountants

Create a LinkedIn company page that syncs with your brand. Optimise your profile, add skills and achievements, and make sure it looks impressive to potential clients. Encourage your employees to update their personal LinkedIn profile with your business as their employer. This generates
useful backlinks to the company’s page. Optimise your LinkedIn page with relevant keywords, as this increases its visibility in search engine rankings.

Promote the business’s LinkedIn page inside and outside the business. Encourage clients to connect with you on LinkedIn. Add ‘follow’ buttons for LinkedIn and other social networks on your website. Publish interesting content to establish your business as a thought leader. Create relevant content that is engaging and insightful.

Engage with your audience

Answer questions and create content that addresses problems your audience might be dealing with. Try to include images, infographics, and video in your posts as this will increase engagement with your page. If you have a well-received post, use the Sponsored Content feature, so your update is pushed directly into the feeds of selected professionals.

Because an overly sales-oriented approach doesn’t tend to work on LinkedIn, make sure you share other content too. Use LinkedIn ads to reach even more people. Make use of LinkedIn analytical tools to see which pieces of content resonate best with your target audience. You can monitor analytics on your LinkedIn dashboard.

Action point

Action: Identify your target audience and produce content that’s likely to resonate best with them. If you can solve their problems, they are more likely to connect with you.

Want more quick marketing tips for accountants? Download our free factsheet here.

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