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Marketing tip #4 – Website page load speed is vital

1 minute read.

Page load speed affects SEO and online presence, which in turn affects your marketing campaign. Slow websites have high bounce rates and fewer page impressions per visit. In an ideal world, pages should take no more than four seconds to load. Any slower, and it’s a slippery slope.

If your web pages take longer than four seconds to load, it will affect the success of any paid media campaigns you implement. Slow loading pages give viewers a poor user experience, so it brings down your Google Quality Score.

Once your Quality Score drops too low, your ads won’t even appear.

Page load speed also affects social ads. Facebooks algorithms take user experience into account and a slow website means ads are less likely to be prioritized.

You can optimise your site speed by reducing image file size, using a quality web host, compressing files, and more.

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