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TaxationWeb Roundup November

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Have a read of the best forum queries, news and articles on our partner website TaxationWeb.

Queries from the Forum

A selection of popular queries from the last few weeks

CGT on Main Residence? – The application of PPR or “main residence relief” is more complex than some realise. And it will become worse from April next year… (see News and Articles below)

High Income Child Benefit Charge Going Back to 2012? – Querist has been caught out by this troublesome tax charge

Should a Storage Company Also Offering Insurance Charge VAT? – Succinct advice on the VAT treatment of ancillary supplies

IHT and the New Residence Nil Rate Band Rules – Remarkable post started more than 2 years ago but updated as matters have progressed. All credit to the contributors for helping out.

DIY VAT Reclaim – HMRC is trying to get out of allowing VAT reclaims where there are discrepancies between the point of occupation and the point of building completion. TW Contributors are having none of it, and HMRC is losing.

Received a P800 Informal Assessment AND Filed a Self Assessment Tax Return – Querist is paying tax on interest income through Self Assessment and then risk being taxed again through a P800? Not if TW contributors can help it.

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News and Articles

A selection of news and longer items published on TaxationWeb

The Disappointment of Winning – Mazars’ Tony Monger considers a case that they helped the taxpayer to win – but which should never have been brought in the first place

More Retrospective Legislation from HMRC! – RSM George Bull on how HMRC is developing an appetite for retrospective legislation.

Capital Gains Tax on Property: Changes from Next April – BKL Tax provides a useful summary of some of the key GGT changes to property disposals from April 2020.

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