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Marketing tip #8 – How to be a good host

room interior

2 minute read.

It’s easy to forget that marketing is more than leaflets and Google Ads, it weaves its way through your entire business. For service based businesses, how you treat your clients is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have.

Clients are your guests, so you should go the extra mile to look after them. If you make a positive impression on clients when they step inside your office, they are more likely to want to come back.

First impressions count. Ensure your receptionist is polite and welcoming. Clients don’t like standing around while a bored receptionist updates their Facebook page.

Provide a comfortable waiting area with nice chairs, a water cooler, and a selection of reading material. Offer clients refreshments when they arrive. They might not want a cup of tea or coffee, but it’s only polite to ask. Don’t keep your clients waiting. If there is an unavoidable delay, let them know as soon as possible how long you’ll be.

Not only will your hosting make your clients feel relaxed and welcomed, it’s an easy way to create a competitive advantage with nearby firms.

Action: Treat clients like important guests and they will form a positive impression of your business – and you.

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